The company "GMG Logistics" was founded in 2005 and is representative of the Belgian company "MG LOGISTICS." Currently, the company "GMG Logistics" is one of the leading companies in Armenia in the sphere of international transportation. For many years, the company provides import and export of various types of cargo by means of rail, road, container and air transportation.

As a result of professional and reliable service we have been able to conclude cooperation agreements with major global companies, trucking, so today we can offer you competitive and profitable.

The company offers customers optimum solutions for the transport of goods: we choose the most suitable scheme of transportation, paperwork, the insurance and freight zatamozhku and periodically inform the client about the whereabouts of the goods.

For more efficiently organize the transport of your goods, the company has acquired warehouse facilities in Belgium. The location, size and technical equipment of the warehouse allow loading and transportation of goods ordered in accordance with the conditions of INKO from international suppliers, arrange warehousing and storage of cargo and carry out regular cargo transportation to Armenia in your chosen ways and transport.

The company also appreciates the skills of their employees because of their innovative work methods and the ability to maneuver in different situations, and strengthen cooperation with mutually beneficial cooperation customers. The company "GMG Logistics" never complacent, and always moves forward to meet new heights.


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